Located at the bottom of Westgate Road between The Central Station and Castle Keep in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne,this glorious 19th century Grade 2 listed building is the home to The Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society.

 The library is currently spread across 3 floors and houses the largest collection of literature and music outside of London and is built on the site of the original Hadrian’s wall. The Society was founded 1793 as a conservative club where the book subjects were wide ranging but prohibited religion and politics.

The Society was very inquisitive and new technologies were often displayed including George Stephenson with his Miners lamp. Later, The Lit and Phil became the first building ever to be lit by electric light when Joseph Swan arrived in 1880 with his latest invention. In 1823 work began on the current building and was opened in 1825.

During the 19th and 20th centuries The Society also branched out into music and lectures. Some notable names to speak here included Oscar Wilde and Mary Kingsley. Since 1895 The Society has kept a list of its members and it reads like a who’s who of The North East with such names as WG Armstrong, Thomas Bewick, Richard Grainger and musicians such as Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys.

The Society is still an active lending library and members can still enjoy the original reading rooms and numerous lectures.


 It is said that there are up to 16 ghosts in the building haunting all 3 floors. The spirits all seem to be linked to the library in some capacity, whether a society member or an employee.

Sounds of pages being turned and footsteps when there is no-one there have been reported by numerous witnesses. The feeling of been watched from the balconies when you enter the second floor of the library. An unnerving feeling when you are alone in the women’s reading room.

However, the most active location is in the basement book storage area. There has been reports by staff of activity when they are working down there alone. The feeling of been watched, temperature drops and unexplained EMF readings have all been reported in this area.

The Lit and Phil is a prestigious location with some incredible witness accounts from very credible witnesses.

So,join Ghostnortheast as they become only the second team to ever investigate the building for paranormal activity in association with “The Lit and Phil’s Supernatural Event –Seeing Is believing."

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