Bishop Auckland has a rich history dating back to Roman times with links to the nearby Binchester Fort. Also built in this area is Auckland Castle.
A lot of the town’s history has links to The Bishops of Durham. It’s believed that around 1183 Bishop Pudsey built a manor house, as previously some Monks from Durham had been sent to establish a Collegiate Church.
Later, Bishop Bek converted the manor house into The Castle that stands today, as he preferred Bishop Auckland over the more traditional residence of Durham Cathedral.

The Merry Monk stands at the corner of The Market Place and is situated near to the old roman road that was known as Dere Street that would have ran straight through the town. The building itself dates back to the 1600’s.
The cellar which still stands in its original form has a passage door which is believed to have once ran to The Castle nearby and can be traced back to the time of Henry VIII. It’s believed that the local Monks brewed their alcohol here, then used the tunnel to transport it to The Castle away from the public’s eye.
Previously named The Sportsman Inn/Arms there is a belief it has not only used as a public house but also a school or orphanage?


Activity has been reported over a number of years and by various witnesses. The Phenomena includes:
Unexplained voices and figures in the old bar area, doors opening and shutting by themselves, electrical appliances switching themselves on and off.
Upstairs there has been temperature drops and people report of feeling very uncomfortable, as if being watched.

Join GHOSTnortheast as we investigate a location that stands on ground dating back to Roman times and a building that has over 400 years of history contained within its walls.