Souter lighthouse was opened in 1871 on Lizard Point near Sunderland. Originally, the lighthouse was meant to be built 1 mile down the coastline on Souter Point but was relocated due to the clifftops being higher. The name was kept to avoid confusion.

The lighthouse was built due protect sailors from what at the time was the most notorious coastline of its day. In 1860 alone, there were 20 shipwrecks reported on the reefs just off the coast.

James Douglass designed the iconic red and white striped building as it became the first lighthouse to be lit by electricity. It’s 800,000 candle power light could be seen for upto 26 miles away.

It was in active service until 1988 when it was decommissioned but was still used until 1999 as a radio beacon. Today, it is owned by The National Trust and has become a museum where you can look back at the day to day life of a lighthouse and its workers.


Souter featured on Most Haunted (Series1 Episode7) and is well known for its poltergeist activity.

Full apparitions have been spotted by employees and tourists around the building while objects regularly go missing only to re-appear later in a different location. This photo was taken during a reccy. Notice how the camera hasn't focused on Lynne? She is also surrounded by orbs?

Join GHOSTnortheast as they venture into the unknown and investigate this historic and haunted location as we try to find an answer to who or what still wanders the stairs of Souter Lighthouse.