GHOSTnortheast is the brainchild of Steve Watson and David Howland who are both based in Newcastle-Upon Tyne.

We are a non profit group who travel around the country gathering evidence of paranormal activity. In recent years GHOST started inviting the public along to their investigations as we found that the more people witness an event, the creditable the evidence. We range from true believers in spirit through the complete sceptic.

We have taking time and feedback to build a reputation of honesty and reliability with a community of regular guests taking part. We do not use any paid mediums, special effects or actors. And we will always guarantee what you see, hear and feel is 100% genuine.

In 2010 we launched our RESPECT policy which has been warmly welcomed by both guests and our locations, which ensures that everyone enjoys the night while in a safe and secure location.

About the Founders:

Both Steve and David have been interested in The Paranormal for many years and have traveled across the UK to hunt for ghosts in cities and towns such as York, London, Edinburgh and of course the North East.

Steve says "The vision is to give everyone the chance to be involved in a paranormal investigation and help search for the answers to the ghost question. We don't run GHOST as a business which lets us keep the costs down so we can pass on that saving to our guests. We always have a great night whether we get activity or not as it's a group of like minded individuals all interested in the same subject. All we ask is that you come along with an open mind."

David follows"We have thought long and hard about the concept of Ghost NE and I can't believe a conversation on a train to York has become the reality that is GHOST We are a normal group of people who want to involve everyone that has an interest in the paranormal whether a sceptic or a believer. We try and keep the investigations as scientific as possible using allsorts of the latest technology, but Steve and I are always looking for new experiments however outrageous they are. Come along one night to see what it's all about and I'm sure you'll be back as you get hooked."