Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle was originally a monastery built in the 12th Century. In 1298 it was used by King Edward I (Edward Longshanks) on his way to his famous battle against The Scots led by the infamous William Wallace or Braveheart as he has become commonly known. In medievel times the stronghold which only consisted of the south east tower was used by the english army on their way to attack Scotland. However, it was also often raided and besieged by the scottish, so in 1344 King Edward III give permission to upgrade from a stronghold to a castle.

During the following years and the joining of the crowns the military stronghold was no longer needed and this was probably highlighted by the visit of James I the first King of England and Scotland and the castle was slowly transformed with the addition of a banqueting hall and library. Over the following centuries the castle has been adapted to the site we have today. The castle has been owned by The Grey family since they stormed the south east tower in 1246.

Todays owner Sir Humphrey Wakefield is married to his fourth cousin the daughter of Lady Mary Grey, a direct descendent of Sir Ralph Grey who was rewarded the still standing Earldom Of Tankerville in 1409. Sir Humphrey has dedicated the last 20 years restoring the castle to it's former glory and has opened it's doors the public.


There is so much reported phenomena that it would take a website of it's own but the highlights of Chillingham are The Blue Boy. This is the ghost of a young boy who was believed to have been bricked up in the famous Pink Room, his screams and scratching has often been reported in this area. The Ghost of Lady Mary Berkeley is reported to still roam the corridors of the castle after her husband ran off with her sister leaving her alone in the castle with only her baby as company, reports of the sound of a rustling of a dress and a freezing cold draft are said to be of Lady Mary It's said the Children of Tankerville and their nanny were often terrified by a lady climbing out of a portrait and following them around the castle, this is also linked to the haunting of another picture of the same lady. Another famous ghost is of John Sage. Sage was the castles torturer and is thought to torture upto 50 enemies per week. In the new torture chamber at the castle it has many of the original tools used by Sage. His presence has been reported as the sound of dragging due to his mutilated leg. He is also connected to the feeling of being watched, pushed and a dirty pewtrit stench, it's thought that Sage still wanders the castle looking for his next victim. Reports of poltergeist activity, sightings, whispers and screams have all been reported in the various rooms of Chillingham Castle. Chillingham Castle has appearred on Most Haunted, Ghosthunters International and The World's Scariest Places and is reputed to be The Most Haunted Castle in Britain. With over 800 years of history including Royal visits, executions and torturing Chillingham Castle has the history to make it the crown jewels of the north east ghost trail.

This photograph was taken in The Chapel. We can't explain what is in the doorway?