Why should I book with GHOSTnortheast?

We pride ourselves on our reputation. The team are all trained in customer service and are experienced paranormal investigators. We want you to be part of the investigation and give you the chance to be the paranormal investigator. We regard ourselves as a very honest group and while we cannot guarantee any activity we will guarantee anything you do see, feel or hear is 100% genuine.

How are your prices cheaper?

We don’t do this for fame or fortune so we don’t have to sell tickets to make a profit. All of the team are volunteers, so we don’t pay wage bills.

Where does the ticket money go?

The money we collect pays general costs such as for location hire, insurance, our website and other costs to run the nights. Any money left over from the events goes directly into our equipment pool. This money is then invested into new equipment and tools for future investigations.

Why does the team volunteer their time?

Ask them on an investigation. They all are very passionate for the paranormal. Our team have been interested in the subject for many years and use the investigations to spread their enthusiasm and try to get answers to their many questions.

Do you use any special effects or actors?

No, we are a serious paranormal investigation team. We don’t use any paid mediums, actors or special effects. We guarantee everything you see, hear or feel is 100% real and we do not and would not stage any experience.

Will I see a ghost?

We don’t know. We can’t guarantee any activity at any event. We try and use locations with a strong history and reports of paranormal activity but would never claim you will see, hear or feel anything, although we will try our best.

Will I be safe on the night?

At GHOSTnortheast, our guest’s health and safety is paramount. We have at least 2 fully qualified First Aiders at every event. GHOSTnortheast’s guests are also fully covered by our public liability insurance. (Certificates are available on request)

I would like to book an investigation but I am on my own?

That’s no problem. Let us know when booking and we will ensure that you will be placed in an appropriate group on the night. We will always ensure that our guests feel comfortable on the night. We get many single bookings and we are happy to say that many have made friends with fellow investigators during the nights.

I have no experience and have never been to a paranormal investigation before?

Again, that’s no problem. We will explain everything on the night and there are plenty of opportunities to ask us questions. Our Teamleaders are trained to help both experienced and new investigators alike.

What if I don’t want to do an experiment or I just want to observe?

That is no problem at all. Everyone has different beliefs and boundaries. Just let your Teamleaders know and we will arrange for you to do something else or you can watch others doing the experiments.

Can I book a private party?

Yes. We do arrange private booking for any size or type of group. We can arrange corporate events, birthday parties, hen and stag nights or even if you and your friends want a different kind of night out.

My question is not answered on this page?

If we have not covered your question on this page please do not hesitate in contacting us at info@ghostnortheast.co.uk