Gibside Estate lies on the outskirts of Rowland’s Gill, Gateshead. The 450 acres of land runs through The Derwent Valley and is home to many different species of wildlife including the rare bird The Red Kite.

The estate was acquired by The Blakiston family around 1540 by marriage. The property then came into the possession of the more well known Bowes family when Elizabeth Blakiston married Sir William Bowes.

In 1767 The Bowes family were without a male heir and the property was left to Mary Eleanor Bowes. She later married Sir John Lyon who had to change his name as it was a device that still appears in the lineage today. Probably the most well known of The Bowes-Lyon Family was The Queen Mother who would visit Gibside in her youth.

The Stable Block was built between 1747 to 1751 by George Bowes. George introduced horses to the estate to work and for his own interests in riding and hunting.

Over the following 200 years The Stables were home to many horses and employees of the estate including stable boys, servants and grooms. More recent history states that between the 30’s and 60’s The Stables were ran by a Mr. Ralph Walton who was a pig and turkey farmer. Now Gibside and all of its prestigious grounds and buildings are owned and ran by The National Trust.


There has been many ghostly sightings around the stable block area. This includes a Victorian family which would coincide with Graffiti found on the walls that is dated back to the late 1800s and can still be seen today. There has also been a report of a strange mist that appears in the dining area of The Stables.

In the late 1930s, tragedy struck the stables when a young girl fell from a beam into the stable area below and hanged herself to death. The beam is still within the building today. Are the reports of items mysteriously disappearing and re-appearing in the building the little girl wanting to play? Are the reports of cries and sobbing the little girl looking for help?

Even the courtyard has a story to tell. There have been many reports by both guests and employees who have heard a dragging noise and then seen a mysterious figure pulling a bag across the courtyard but when approached it has simply disappeared? Who is this person and what is in their bag.

Join GHOSTnortheast at The National Trust’s 4th Most Haunted Location as we investigate a truly prestigious location situated in grounds of breath taking beauty and a history spanning 100s of years.