The Little Theatre - Gateshead

The Little Theatre is Gateshead is believed to be the only theatre to be built during World War 2. The site was bought in 1939 with the generosity of two sisters Ruth and Sylvia Dodds.
The site was once derelict but had been the site of No.1 andNo.2 Saltwell View. During the 4 years it took to build, it endured a string of War related problems. Firstly, in 1939 the building work had to be postponed due to the site being used by The Home Front using it to house a Barrage Balloon. Another det back came when all the windows and doors were damaged when a bomb fell onto the neighbouring Saltwell Park.

The Theatre finally opened in Oct 1943 and bought No.3 Saltwell View to expand the building. Over the coming years it strived as it was home to "The Progressive Players Ltd." Unfortunately during the 60's and 70's everything had to go on hold as plans were drawn up for a new road and The Little Theatre was under threat to a compulsory purchase order.
Finally, the plans were withdrawn and in 1989 The Theatre bought No.4 Saltwell View and expanded further as it was now the only theatre in Gateshead. Due to a legacy left by a former member called Jim Ord and the fantastic work from The Theatre's volunteers, The Theatre is seeing a major facelift to the front, foyer and bar area that should be finished in Oct 2013 for the celebration of it's 70 birthday.

                 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY
Figures have been seen in changing areas and along the corridors of The Theatre. Noise and voices have been reported. Under the stage there has be reports of an overwhelming sadness.
Indeed when GHOSTnortheast initially investigated the location for the first time, we reported loud banging in the stage area and a figure was seen within the building. Join us as return to one of Gateshead's hidden gems and hopefully the building will tell it's stories!!