The site of the museum is very close to the original site of RAF Usworth which began it's life in October 1916 as a flight station for B flight no.36 squadron. Due to heavy bombing in France during World War 1 the RAF's larger, more powerful aircraft were commissioned abroad leaving The Home Defence to patrol our coastline. Capt R.O. Abercrombie formed No.36 Home Defence Squadron to patrol The North East coastline. In June 1919 after peace was restored to the world, No.36 has moved to Ashington and Usworth was disbanded.

In World War Two Usworth was home to 607 Squadron. The base was a target of The Luftwaffe in August 1940. However, this was thwarted by squadrons from Catterick, Ackrington and of course, Usworth.

In 1962 the base reopened as Sunderland Air Museum and has since became The North East Air Museum run by a dedicated team of volunteers.



This location is reported to be home to two male spirits. One passive and one quite aggressive. A male figure has often been reported to hide behind one of the aeroplanes. Hanger One is also home to a helicopter that is reported to shake and shudder if you get too close. Is this the spirit of Barthlomew the previous pilot still protecting his craft? In previous investigations mediums reported seeing the RAF Insignia and The Nazi Swastika side by side. It later emerged that a Czechoslovakian man called Augustine Pruecil was working as a spy and went on to steal an aeroplane from Usworth before crashing in Belgium.


This location is home to a Sea Venom that is reported to move followed by loud bangs and laughing. also in this location a man and a woman have been spotted. This is thought to be wartime lovers that met up in this area. The man is reported to have been murder by the husband in a fit of jealous rage.


This is the most active in terms of paranormal activity. A young airman is often seen wandering around the hanger looking for something. The man is thought to be Sgt.Edgar Shaw. The museum houses alot of his items and aircraft parts but his boots were never recovered, it's thought that Edgar is still searching for them. In the Exhibition Room there has been sightings of a little girl and the legs of a lady. This would coincide with an engine on show that landed on a Sunderland house killing the family inside.


This image was taking at 4pm on Sunday 10/01/10.

There was no smoke or mist visible at the time the photo was taken.