The GHOSTnortheast Respect Policy.

We ask every guest to adhere to our Respect policy and we at GHOSTnortheast will always follow our part of the policy to guests and location owners.

This policy is in addition to our Terms and Conditions. Many of our locations are extremely old and we have been given kind permission by its owners to use it for our paranormal investigations, so we ask that all guests follow our guidelines.

1. Please remember and respect that the locations are private property and in some cases the location is a home.

2. We ask that you respect the property found in the locations. For example, in museums please do not touch the exhibits when asked.

3. Please do not remove any items from any location as this is theft and the matter will be referred to the police.

4. Please respect any equipment that is loaned to you. In the event of an accident with the equipment please inform a member of the GHOSTnortheast team as soon as possible.

5. Your Lead Investigator will give a health and safety talk at the start of every investigation. Please listen carefully and Respect any guidelines given.

6. Please respect all of the GHOSTnortheast team, Security and any of the location private staff. They are experienced in hosting our events and will always keep your safety in mind.

7. Please Respect others. All our guests deserve an enjoyable night without threat or ridicule. We WILL eject anybody using a threatening or an abusive manner without refund.

8. All guests are covered by our Public Liability Insurance. However, our team will advise of no access areas. Please respect that by entering these areas, you are no longer covered by GHOSTnortheast or our Insurers.

9. GHOSTnortheast will always Respect our guests wishes and will never ask any guest to take part in any experiments where they don’t feel comfortable.

10. GHOSTnortheast respects all our locations. We will not hesitate in ejecting any guest that damages any property or items.

11. GHOSTnortheast respects all our guests and team members. We believe that they have the right to investigate in a safe and comfortable environment.

12. GHOSTnortheast respects the wishes of the location owners and the owner’s decisions are final.