This fantastic Victorian building just off Chester Road in the heart of Sunderland is the current home for The Sunderland Drama Club and can boast of being Sunderland’s oldest community theatre as The Club dates back to 1925. The building is spread across 2 floors and has a 250 seat auditorium, bar, foyer, small theatre and upstairs houses a rehearsal room. The building used to belong to The Union Congregational Church and the original features can be seen throughout none more than the auditorium where looking up you can still see the high acres and beams from the original church. During World War One it was used as a soldier hospital, treating the wounded coming home from battle and during the second a bomb fell outside only to bounce over the building before exploding, leaving the building untouched. The drama Club had used The Royalty on and off since its beginnings and in 1969 bought it outright and has been showcasing its productions every season since. Coincidentally, our first investigation takes places a day before the opening of Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit.” The story of a couple who hire a Medium to contact the spirit world?





The theatre is full of stories and has its fair share of activity. Full apparitions have been seen at the back of the auditorium. Footsteps are heard on the stage and the back stair well. Items go missing only to turn up later in other parts of the Theatre. EMF fluxes and temperature drops have been reported around the building. Join us as we investigate a brand new location for GHOSTnortheast and help us decide if “The Oldest Community Theatre in Sunderland” is the most haunted?