Washington Old Hall in situated in the village of Washington, Tyne and Wear. Dwelling on the site was first mentioned as far back as 973 when the dwelling was probably a wood structure. On further research William de Hertburn originally built the first stone building and constructed the first Hall onsite in 1183. After buying the surrounding land William then became William of Wessington later changing to Washington. His family is the direct descendants of the first American president George Washington. The Hall stayed in the Washington family until the 15th Century when it was sold to a local family called The Mallorys and then later in 1613 it was bought by William James the then Bishop of Durham. The Bishop pulled down much of the original building and reconstructed the Hall to what it is today. Over the centuries it was used a home for the wealthy until the latter part of the 18th Century when it is recorded that it was converted into tenements for poorer families. During these times the occupants were often housed in cramp, dirty and poor conditions. It is listed in the census of 1891 that 35 people occupied this 5 bedroom house! Unfortunately the building fell into disrepair and in 1936 it was declared as unfit for purpose and stopped housing people. The future of The Hall was uncertain and demolishing looked certain. However, locals stepped in and a teacher Frederick Hill raised the awareness of The Hall and worked to restore the building to its former glory. Using its American connections The Hall was restored and re-opened in 1956. The Hall is currently part of The National Trust portfolio where they continue the hard work.


The Hall is a hive of activity and is well known to local paranormal investigators. Reports of a Grey Lady have been listed for decades and she seems to be seen mostly by children. She is often seen and heard weeping? Strong smells of Lavender are often reported in various areas of The hall. A child crying has been often reported with numerous acts of poltergeist activity and orbs also reported. Who is The Grey Lady? Why is she so distressed? Join GHOSTnortheast as we travel back over 1000 years of history to see if we can unravel some of the mysteries of this historic location.